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New ammunition in the hands of employees in case of dismissal - how the Labour Code may change from 1 January

The most significant amendment to the Labour Code in recent years was submitted to the Parliament two weeks ago, stated Gábor T. Fodor, labour lawyer, whilst... Teljes cikk

Key to a good workplace: how to collect and interpret data as an HR professional

Measure employee engagement, and do performance appraisals and good selection procedures. Companies already collect and use many data in these three areas, but... Teljes cikk

How to attract talent?

The company’s brand is much more than your office or what you sell. It can be a powerful force that drives how people think of and feel toward current and... Teljes cikk

Post Vacation Blues

Post vacation blues could be the name of a cool indie band or the title of a hit song, but it's not! It's the more or less official name summarizing the... Teljes cikk

The business service sector offers long-term career paths

Around 100 000 people work in the business service centres of multinational companies in Hungary. "Our priority is to make the sector better known to... Teljes cikk

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